ASKING FOR the Right Information

One of the most important practices that I share is really unbelievably simple. It’s also profoundly powerful. I learned it from my guru, Rudi.

Rudi had a favorite quote from the Bible: “Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” That’s a way of saying you have to really tell your mind and soul in what form you want the information if you are going to get anywhere. To hold a steady view, you have to constantly tell yourself this.

The first practice that Rudi ever taught me, which is something I still do regularly, is to turn my attention inside, into my heart, and ask over and over again to grow. I say to myself, “I really want to grow.” On each breath and on each asking I try to feel that reach deeper into me--beneath my defense mechanisms, beneath my defenses, beneath my tensions, deeper than my desires and my idealism. I ask in the center of my soul to grow. I sit and I ask until I am aware that that wish has worked its way into the core of me and is alive in me.

We live in an environment that is essentially information. Energy and information are exactly the same thing. They are two views of the same phenomenon. Divine creative energy is information. It can be information that we build a wall with, to shield ourselves from further input, or it can be information that we can use to build a fire to burn down every wall and allow the light that is our own inner divinity to shine out in the most powerful and profound ways.

All experience is really the expression of God’s intention to grow. The whole universe is an expression of God’s intention to grow. When we establish our own intention to grow in the core of ourselves, we have merged ourselves into the divine intention. That’s the way all of the information of life will organize itself, and in that organization our own personal pathway will become clear. In the clarity of that experience, we will find, in a not very complicated way, the fulfillment of our intention.