Growing a Life

A life of growing ever closer to Unconditional Love has two really simple basic forms of expression. Within ourselves, it is continuous learning. In the world, it’s continuous service. It’s that simple.

Learning and service go together. Service creates flow and flow reveals structure, which is also limitation. Learning dissolves limitation, reorganizes structure, and creates more flow, which, expressed as service, creates more flow.


The whole idea of gaining in the world and benefiting from our engagement in it just doesn’t work. The notion that we’re here in this world to get something, whether it’s a job or a relationship or a family, is bogus. When we understand that we’re here to do some service and to continuously learn, then the flow that we’ve established eventually brings us everything we need.

Having the understanding that we want to be of service and contribute something to the world becomes the basis for a real life and endless opportunities for learning. That learning enhances our ability to serve, which creates deeper opportunities for learning, and so on and so forth.

When you’re just focused on gaining something, once you’ve got that, what do you do next? Have a bigger appetite? Try to gain more? And what happens when you don’t get it? Because most people don’t. What happens if you do? That’s when it gets really ugly.

If you’re doing service, you have a job. As you do that service and your talents become clarified for you and your interests become clarified, you can do more service in a more focused way in a more specific area…you can learn.

In this process of serving and learning, you have to cultivate the experience of sweetness in yourself. Your contact with the sweetness in you has to be strong enough so that you can start to look at the people around you and feel the sweetness in them too. Then you can hold that experience of sweetness, of quiet, of contact, through all of the screwiness of human beings and all of their swirling and whirling and up and down.  You start to see God in them. You start to see, in all of the tumult of the world, the Divine Process in motion.

The main thing is to keep your heart open every day and keep that sweetness moving in you so that it’s accessible. If you continue to access it, then what happens is magic.  It’s not that your karma is immediately dissolved or your suffering goes away.  You don’t become infinitely perfectly capable in one second, you’re still a human being and you’re still the same human being you always were.  In spite of that, being the same person with the same karmas and same challenges, things get better over time as we really start to cultivate a life of service and learning. All of our struggles get easier, and we become more skillful in every way and better informed. We’re no longer blind-sided by or confused by the things that happen to us and the experiences that we have.

The amazing thing about it all is that when your heart is really open, when you’re not struggling with your mind, and you are not struggling with your expectations and desires for the people around you, then your Energy is actually at work creating miracles…creating a more wonderful life. It’s released from the struggle to express itself in evermore refined and elegant ways. When you’re not struggling with “you” and struggling with your desires, your energy can really start to express what it has come into this world to express in the first place. You grow.