Stunning bronze sculptures of Bhagavan Nityananda are now available from Masa Rasa Studios. These statues are  made with the Panchaloha process, also called the ‘Five Metals’ process, an ancient casting method set forth in the Indian scriptures allowing the innate beauty of a bronze work to shine through and ring true.  Each sculpture is made from the purest bronze possible, a blend of copper and tin, with the addition of iron, silver and gold.

Each image is available in 9.5 inch, 6 inch, 3.5 inch and 2 inch tall sizes, with or without a marble base.  You can click on an image above to be taken directly to the product information page for that statue.

Masa Rasa Studios will donate a share of the sale proceeds to The Movement Center if you enter the word "Movement" in the Notes box at the time of purchase, as shown below.