WINTER RETREAT with swami chetanananda

We are delighted to announce that Swami Chetanananda will lead a retreat in Portland this winter from Thursday, December 27 through Monday, December 31, 2018. You are warmly invited to join us in the gathering of our community as we come together to deepen our spiritual practice in our very sacred space.

During this program, you will have the chance to sit in satsang with Swamiji and participate in the rich practice traditions of The Movement Center. The program schedule will include morning and evening meditation with Swamiji, morning talks and darshan. In addition, there will be Chod practice, hatha yoga classes and seva projects.

If you have not attended a retreat before, you will need to come to an orientation at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 26th where you’ll learn the retreat format, protocols, and the meditation techniques we use.

Three meals a day are included in the program.

For more information, please call The Movement Center office: 503.231.0383.  If you are an out-of-town participant and want to request accommodations in the ashram, please know that a link to request a room will be included in your Retreat program payment confirmation email.



Darshan (darsana) is a Sanskrit term meaning sight, in the sense of a moment of seeing someone or something. In India, just seeing a spiritual teacher is a profound and important blessing.

The essence of darshan is that it is reciprocal. It is a blessing both to behold the divine, as represented by the teacher, and to be seen by the divine as we open ourselves to that experience. As we look into the face of unlimited possibility, we find that possibility within ourselves. It is a viewing that is not just seeing with our eyes, but a vision which dawns within us. From that vision emerges an understanding of our individual existence and its place within the universal pattern of creative expression.

Like our eyes open meditation class, darshan is an exchange of energy. During darshan, the teacher may look into the eyes of the student, apply the hand of Shiva (or touch), or use the breath to transmit the vital energy. As students in darshan, we offer with all our hearts the sweetness that we connect to in the deepest part of ourselves. Darshan also involves a physical exchange. We bring an offering to the encounter as a representation of our gratitude. In return, the teacher gives us prasad.

Darshan is a joyous occasion, a moment to celebrate and an opportunity to make a heart-to-heart connection with a teacher.