Ruth Knight, ERYT500

I began studying and teaching hatha yoga in the 1980’s when it was relatively obscure, and have spent my adult life studying with some great hatha yoga teachers, namely Mukunda Stiles, A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, Gary Kraftsow, and Linda Lack, Ph.D. You could say I am one of the old guard!

I continually marvel at the brilliance and awe-inspiring beauty of the unique blend of body, mind, and spirit that comprises each of us.  The sheer joy of connecting with my breath, feeling my body gain energy, and living with a peaceful mind and happy heart continually inspires my hatha yoga practice.

Through my life, I have been blessed with a regular and nourishing connection to a fine and deep place in my heart - indeed my whole self - that has opened me to understand and experience the essence of life as love.

In addition to my administrative work at The Movement Center and my teaching, I love to hike, cook, garden, and create beautiful environments anywhere and everywhere.