I've been a student of yoga since 2003, and have been teaching since 2006. My classes aim to give you a glimpse of, and over time the cultivated alignment to, the beauty and wisdom of your own being.

All of my classes include: some time for conscious breath-work, a carefully crafted movement experience, and meditation. Through these doorways we aim to train the body, mind, and consciousness towards an integrated, present, and easeful way of being.

If you are new to my class and you have an injury or chronic condition please do let me know ahead of time or at the beginning of class so that I am aware. I try to cultivate a spirit of joy, connection and community in my classes - and will do my best to support you through your own therapeutic and personal process.

I find that the body is wise and that your soul knows the way. I try my best to get out of the way of the teachings and help you find the magic that is alive in you.  All the work that we do is simply to awaken that knowledge, and that peace, within you. 

My classes combine the brilliance of Anusara methodology of intelligent alignment, classical Hatha Yoga practices and philosophy, as well as the Kashmir Shaivite view alive at The Movement Center.

My education includes a mentorship and dedicated study under Maral Hadidi, who to me forever will be the gold standard of hatha yoga teachers and humans in general.

I've also trained extensively under Darren Rhodes, Christina Sell, Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Laura Plumb and of course Swami Chetananananda and John Friend. Other significant influences include Seane Corn, Shannon Thompson (of Shakti Rising),  Nikole Fortier, Andrea Naranjo and Jason Neemer. My community at The Movement Center is key, and so are my fellow teacher training faculty members Ruth Knight and Jesse Sweeney.