I teach Chi Core Yoga, a dynamic, energizing flowing yoga form which I developed and refined over more than a decade.  My own study began with dance then moved into martial arts, yoga and Chi Gong.  I have woven aspects of all of these into this unique yoga form.  Chi Core yoga enhances balance, flexibility, energy flow and strength within a dynamic movement sequence.  It teaches your body how to function as an integrated unit and can be adapted to all levels of participation.

I give personal attention to each member of the class so you can be comfortably challenged or go all out for a strong workout.   Included in the class is an overview of the fundamental principles of movement so that you learn how to make safe, effective, supported movements, along with information about your energy system – the chakras, breath, energy meridians, circulation of energy, and meditation.  Each class begins with Chi Gong or meditation then moves into a sequence of poses or free form movements.  You will come away feeling conditioned, energized and rejuvenated … and it’s fun too!