About Our Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga weaves together body, mind, and breath into a practice that teaches us to live from the depth of our own wisdom; in harmony with our total environment. Its aim is a healthier body, an adaptable mind, emotional clarity, and a connection to the stillness at the heart of our being.

The Movement Center’s yoga studio offers a core yoga curriculum where asana, breath, inner awareness, and meditation are equally important.  Students are encouraged to use breath and awareness to release tensions from their mind and body so that the body may open to the deeper source of healing and wisdom from within.

We work to honor the natural intelligence of the practice, the body and the spirit of each individual. Classes are inclusive and refined. All ages, body-types, and abilities will find a class on our schedule suitable for them. We also offer several high-quality $5 yoga classes for those with limited budgets. No matter where you come from, you will find something here for you.

Our classes are unique and unlike anything else offered in town. Set in the profoundly nourishing environment that is our very special grounds - it is no small exaggeration to say that each class is a deeply healing experience for each student - every time.

Choosing a Class

If you are just beginning your yoga practice, we’ll help you get started with our 2-week Beginners Series. If you have an established practice, a good way to choose a class is to read its description in the schedule and then the teacher’s bio page. And, in the time-honored tradition of hatha yoga, we offer individual instruction for anyone at any point in their practice.

Anytime you want to be in touch about a class you can email us at info@themovementcenter.com

Give time and devotion to your yoga practice and it will transform your life into an unimaginable possibility!