Chöd  One of the main sadhanas practiced at the Movement Center is Chöd. Chöd means “cutting through,” cutting through tensions, doubts, fears, obstacles and obscurations that deny us access to the joy within us.  Chöd is traditionally done in cemeteries, cremation grounds, and other places that evoke fear in the practitioner. By confronting that fear and learning to cut through it, the Chöd practitioner learns to transcend all doubts and fears in order to dwell in the infinite spaciousness that we are.  Chöd is a very ancient practice and one of the earliest Vajrayana sadhanas. It is a practice of self-sacrifice, and in Chöd we sacrifice what is most valuable to us—our bodies. We visualize making an offering of our body, which is transformed into nectar, to all beings in all realms. Through making that offering, we are initiating a flow between us and everything else. In the experience of flow, we begin to appreciate that all forms are completely interconnected and that there is in fact an underlying unity.


Chöd is a very ancient practice and is very useful for overcoming doubts, fears, obstacles and ego-clinging. 


      100 Handprint Ritual  The 100 Handprint Ritual of Machig Labdron is an ancient and rare practice. It is an expansion of our  Chöd  practice and is effective to help others release trauma and tension and alleviate mental, physical and emotional suffering. It can be beneficial for those suffering from illness, stress and emotional issues.  During the 100 Handprint Ritual, recipients lie down while the practice is being performed. There are prayers, chanting and extensive offerings. The instruments used are a bell, a double-sided drum, and a bone trumpet.  In the ritual, practitioners give of themselves to release the disturbances present in the environment. Through giving, the practitioner learns about the unity at the heart of life, and all those present share the benefit from the offering that is made.  We perform the 100 Handprint Ritual on the first 3 Fridays of every month.  Please call our office at 503.231.0383 by 5 pm on Thursday to reserve a place if possible.   If you or someone you know would like to be a recipient of the ritual but are unable to be there in person, you can provide a photo, and an article of clothing, if possible. It is best if we have those on hand by the morning of the day the ritual is being done.   When:  The first 3 Fridays of every month.  Time:  5:30 – 7:30 pm  Cost:  Suggested donation is $15.00.  

100  Handprint Ritual

The 100  Handprint Ritual is a powerful practice for promoting healing and the release of trauma.

      Phowa  Phowa practice often accompanies the Chöd.  In Vajrayana Buddhism, the practice of Phowa is considered the most effective way to facilitate the transition into the next stage of existence. It can by done by a practitioner at the time of his or her own death, or for another person who is dying or who has already passed on. In the Phowa, the practitioner projects his or her consciousness, together with the awareness of the person they are practicing for, into the heart of Buddha Amitabha visualized in the space above. The practice dissolves the suffering of the dying or deceased and allows them to experience the peace and joy inherent in the clear awareness that is their essence.  Movement Center students practice Phowa weekly, and we also perform the ritual by special request for those wishing to support a loved one's transition.


Phowa practice is a companion to Chöd and helps to facilitate the transition to a new level of being at the time of death.

      White Mahakala  The White Mahakala ceremony brings wealth and good fortune in the areas of family, business, knowledge and spirituality. The practice removes obstacles to the flow of prosperity and invokes positive energies, helping participants to remove obstructions in their lives.  White Mahakala is a powerful deity of prosperity. He is a wrathful form of the deity of compassion, Avalokiteshvara. In this form, he demonstrates the compassionate activity of overcoming obstacles and attracting positive influences.  We practice White Mahakala one Saturday every other month, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. All are welcome to attend.  Practice Dates for 2017:  February 25 April 8 June 3 August 12 October 21  

White Mahakala

The White Mahakala practice calls in the energy of prosperity for all aspects of life.

      Long Life Puja  In the Vidhyadara Long Life Practice “Vital Essence Amrita Vase,” the participants summon the vital energy and life force from the elements and universal powers through meditation and visualization.  This longevity practice strengthens our creative energy, and this has the effect of extending our lifespan so that we can continue to practice and be of loving service to all beings. Like our Queen of Great Bliss and Chöd practices, this ceremony is from the Longchen Nyingtig Cycle of Teachings.  Everyone is welcome to attend and observe the practice, which is held every other month on a Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.   Practice Dates for 2017:  January 14 March 25 May 6 July 1 September 16 November 11

Long Life Puja

The Long Life Puja helps us gather the energetic resources we need to practice fully and productively.

      Queen of Great Bliss  The Queen of Great Bliss is a special kind of ceremony known in Vajrayana Buddhism as a tsok or feast practice. This puja is devoted to the goddess Vajravarahi, who represents the energy of creative manifestation, and the deities of her mandala. It is a beautiful practice with chanting, music, instruments, dance and extensive food offerings.  We celebrate and offer gratitude to the vitality and beauty in our lives and to the energy of the divine from which they emerge. By offering prayers we aspire for all beings to be established in this vitality and joy. In the Tibetan tradition, tsok practice is considered to be a very profound method of accumulating positive energy for ourselves, everyone around us, and our entire environment.  This practice is performed one Sunday monthly from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. You may make an offering in the form of a donation if you like.  PRACTICE DATES FOR 2017: January 22 February 12 March 19 April 30 May 28 June 18 July 16 August 27 September 24 October 29 November 26 December 17  

Queen of Great Bliss

The Queen of Great Bliss practice is a monthly celebration of beauty, life, community and creative energy.