Private and small group yoga sessions

Whether you are an experienced yogi, a novice or simply investigating something new, private instruction is a valuable tool for developing your practice. The Movement Center offers private classes to help you develop a practice that is vital, appropriate to you and respectful of your body’s issues. Our experienced instructors are skilled in several different types of yoga and are available for one on one instruction, small group classes, and classes in the workplace.

Each private session is unique – some time spent in conversation, some time spent moving, and often some time will be spent working with the breath. These sessions are especially helpful in getting started with yoga, or if you have special requirements and would feel more at ease in a one on one environment.
If you have a well developed practice, you can use the sessions to explore more advanced postures. You are always encouraged to come prepared with a list of questions or goals.

Why should I come to Private Sessions?

  • You are interested in deepening your practice.
  • You would like to develop a home practice.
  • Group classes don’t suit you or your schedule.
  • You would like to focus work on a particular part of your practice that intrigues you.

Common Goals of Private Instruction

DEVELOPING A HOME PRACTICE: Practicing at home is a useful and cost effective supplement to group classes here at The Movement Center.  A home practice session typically includes evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Home practice consultations are very effective when done in conjunction with group yoga classes.

REFINING YOUR PRACTICE: Group class students can benefit from personalized help to refine and energize their yoga practice. These classes typically include more individualized instruction about how to make adaptations and adjustments unique to your individual goals and body.

SPECIAL NEEDS INSTRUCTION: If you are working with a health issue or have special needs, we recommend you take a look at our therapeutic yoga program.

Scheduling a Private Class:

Appointments are available throughout the weekdays, with some evening and weekend times available. We are also happy to arrange for small group classes with friends or family, here or in the workplace.


  • 1, 60-minute class: $60
  • Series of 3 classes: $165
  • Series of 6 classes: $280

Please email us to price a longer series of classes, or to arrange for classes in your workplace.