Shaktipat is a centuries-old technique for awakening consciousness through contact with a powerful energy resource. Shaktipat brings about a deep change in awareness. This change arouses your innermost potential, bringing you into contact with the freedom and creative power that is the source of everything.

Receiving shaktipat can bring benefits on all levels: increasing vitality, releasing deeply held mental tensions, uplifting emotions, and expanding  consciousness. It initiates a deep and profound process of spiritual unfoldment, culminating in Self-Realization. This system of Self-Realization is rooted in the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.

Swamiji's practice of shaktipat is informed by his understanding of the practice of osteopathy, which he studied with Dr. Rollin Becker, one of the foremost practitioners of cranial osteopathy in the 20th century. That work has given Swamiji a  unique capacity to deeply contact  a person’s energy mechanism, releasing long-held tensions and promoting the flow of vital force in all dimensions.

Opportunities to experience authentic shaktipat are rare. During these immersions, Swami Chetanananda (“Swamiji”) gives shaktipat individually to everyone present. He uses the classical method of touch, usually on the head or heart chakra, to awaken kundalini energy and begin a natural process of spiritual transformation.

Shaktipat is the beginning of an awakening of our creative energy that dissolves tensions, releases and removes pathology from our bodies, hearts and minds, and allows us to be ever more clear about the infinite moment that we exist in.
— Swami Chetanananda

Swami Chetanananda usually offers Shaktipat Immersions several times a year in Portland, in southern California and occasionally in other locations. Shaktipat Immersions generally include a short satsang with Swamiji at the beginning of each session.