SEMI-AnNual Retreats

Swami Chetanananda offers two extended retreat programs in Portland each year, one in late July and the other between Christmas and New Year's.  These programs are an opportunity for focused practice, deepen our understanding through daily satsang with Swamiji,  to spend time with our extended community, and help to maintain our facility and operations. 

SUMMER RETREAT: July 20 - 24

For the initial three days, you will have the chance to sit in satsang with Swamiji and participate in the rich practice traditions of the Movement Center. The program schedule will include morning and evening meditation with Swamiji and morning talks by Swamiji. In addition, there will be daily Chod practice, hatha yoga classes and seva projects. 

In this retreat, Swamiji will be presenting his commentary on Rudi's Tantric Teachings, the last phase of Rudi's work, which Rudi called Time and Space.

Retreat participants are invited to attend eyes-open class at 7:00 pm on the evening of Tuesday, July 19. If you have not attended a retreat before, you will need to come to an orientation to the retreat at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

The last two days of the retreat are dedicated to the Shaktipat Intensive segment.


The full Summer Retreat program will continue with a two-day Shaktipat Intensive on the weekend of July 23 and 24. 

Shaktipat is a centuries old technique for awakening consciousness through contact with a powerful energy resource. Shaktipat brings about a deep change in awareness. This change arouses your innermost potential, bringing you into contact with the freedom and creative power that is the source of everything. 

Receiving shaktipat can bring many benefits: an increase in vitality, a release of deeply held mental tensions, emotional clarity, and expansion of awareness. It initiates a deep and profound process of spiritual unfoldment, culminating in Self-Realization. This system of Self-Realization is rooted in the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.

Opportunities to experience authentic shaktipat are rare. During the intensive, Swami Chetanananda (“Swamiji”) will be giving shaktipat individually to everyone present. He will use the classical method of “touch,“ usually on the head or heart chakra, to awaken kundalini energy and begin a natural process of spiritual transformation.

Three meals a day are included in both programs. Accommodations are available at the Movement Center, though the number of rooms available is limited.


  • Full Summer Retreat: 575.00 (early bird 520.00 through June 24)
  • 2 day Shaktipat Intensive: 325.00 (early bird 295.00 through June 24)

For more information, please call The Movement Center office: 503.231.0383.