Five Day Meditation Retreats

Five Day Meditation Retreats

Swami Chetanananda usually offers two five-day meditation retreats in Portland each year, one in late July and the other between Christmas and New Year's. 

The 5 day retreat programs provide an opportunity for focused practice, spending time with our extended community, deepening our understanding through daily satsang with Swamiji, and helping to maintain our facility and operations.

 You can view a slideshow of our July 2013 retreat.

The typical retreat program includes morning and evening meditation with Swamiji, talks by Swamiji each morning, and a darshan with Swamiji. In addition, there are hatha yoga classes and seva projects. Three meals a day are included. Accommodations are available at the Movement Center, but the number of rooms available is limited. 

The next 5 Day Retreat will be held December 27 through 31, 2014. 

For more information, please call The Movement Center office: 503.231.0383.