Ashram Residency Program

Ashram Residency Program

Residency in The Movement Center’s ashram community is a special opportunity to immerse yourself in spiritual practice in the tradition of Kundalini meditation taught by Swami Chetanananda.

Living in residence entails a commitment to daily meditation practice, seva (selfless service), and the conscious cultivation of spiritual growth.

If you feel called to consider living in residence at The Movement Center, we encourage you to attend both the public meditation and eyes-open meditation programs, as well as our yoga classes. Come to our Saturday community service day so you can get to know others, and begin to establish a flow within the ashram community.

Taking a personal retreat for an extended time is another good way to try on community living in the ashram.

The fees for residency, which include room and board, and daily programs, vary depending on the type of room occupied. For more information about residency, please contact us.