Healing Yoga for Arthritis

Arthritis in its many forms is a condition that gradually restricts our movement through joint and tissue inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Yoga helps us in our effort to move more safely and comfortably by—

  • Deepening awareness and understanding of the causes and expression of arthritis in our bodies
  • Gently, safely, and progressively mobilizing joints and tissues
  • Helping the body recognize and  release patterns of unbalanced effort, rigidity, and guarding that can undermine our confidence
  • Gradually establishing more effective, safe, and integrated movement habits
  • Fostering an inner environment that is peaceful, patient, connected, and trusting

Each session includes guided, progressive movement and simple home practice instructions. You’ll explore common asana and breath practices and learn strategies for developing your own safe and useful movement practice.

Healing Yoga for Arthritis
6 Consecutive Saturdays, 1:30-3:15p
September 17 - October 22nd, 2016
$120 (A limited number of sliding scale openings are available.)

About the Instructor:
Connie Dyer, EYRT500

A Movement Center meditation practitioner since the early 70s, Connie has pursued a healing yoga movement practice for 25+ years. She works in group classes and one-on-one to help individuals access the natural movement and support of their breath and to release mental / physical patterns that undermine effortless, nourishing, and integrative movement.

She received her first teacher training from Mukunda Stiles (Structural Yoga Therapy) in 1987, and later studied with Gary Kraftsow (American Viniyoga Association) and A.G. and Indra Mohan (Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda) — leading students of Sri Krishnamacharya, father of modern yoga. 

For the past 12 years, she has also practiced a form of meditative dance and studied anatomy, developmental movement, and embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering®, an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body, and consciousness).

Based on her studies and practice at the Movement Center, she has trained new yoga teachers in the anatomy and physiology of yoga with special emphasis on adapting and sequencing breath and movement to support individual needs and promote health and well-being. 

She specializes in healing breath, movement, and visualization practices to address chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and hormonal or other physiologic imbalances such as menopause and diabetes. She has also helped individuals with arthritis and general joint stiffness, chronic low back, hip, and shoulder pain, and with weight, balance, and gait issues.

My E-RYT500 status is granted by Yoga Alliance based on my training, study, practice, and teaching in yoga programs established prior to the existence of Yoga Alliance.Any therapeutic components of my group and individual yoga instruction are based on my independent study and practical experience and are not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.