Healing Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Trauma results from any event that overwhelms us physically and emotionally and exhausts our ability to cope.  When we survive a traumatic experience, our mind and body launch into overdrive, triggering an array of symptoms that often continue to disrupt our lives. We’re not only impacted mentally and emotionally; our whole body is affected.  To heal we need opportunities to integrate our body into the recovery process.  Yoga, meditation, and breath work can support our recovery by:

  • Improving our ability to be present and feel safe in the here and now
  • Balancing our nervous system, improving our overall stress response
  • Increasing brain activation related to body awareness
  • Improving our ability to regulate mood and emotions

Part practice, part discussion, this 6-week series is for individuals wanting support to integrate more holistic approaches into their own trauma recovery work.  Participants will leave with an individualized home practice that best supports their recovery goals.

Healing Yoga for Trauma Recovery
6 Consecutive Wednesdays, 6:45-8:30p
June 15 - July 20, 2016
$120 (A limited number of sliding scale openings are available.)

About the Instructor:
Mikki Jordan, LCSW

Mikki Jordan is a psychiatric social worker and yoga teacher passionate about using yoga to help individuals and communities recover from trauma.  Witnessing the limitations of our mental healthcare system, she set out to explore more holistic approaches to healing.  A lover of yoga for over 15 years, she recently completed The Movement Center’s Yoga Teacher Training Program and is now a Living Yoga Instructor, bringing yoga into correctional facilities and youth rehabilitation centers.