with Sianna SHerman

"Yoga is the face-to-face encounter
with every part of the Self."

Taught by internationally celebrated yoga teacher Sianna Sherman, this 300-hour teacher training at The Movement Center will include three modules. Each module will consist of 90 hours of study with an additional 30 non-contact hours. Students are automatically accepted if they have completed a 200-hour Teacher Training with Sianna. Students who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training from another school or method may apply for the 300-hour teacher training with Sianna. This 300-hour program gives you the necessary skills for a lifetime of inspired teaching.


MODULE 1 - october 19-28, 2018

MODULE 2 - march 15-24, 2019

MODULE 3 - september 13-22, 2019




The Durga module dives into the heart of teaching with stabilizing commitment, turns to the study of Tantra and asks the teacher to step bravely into their heart to ride the tiger to their transformative growth edge. This comprehensive module includes refinement of biomechanics, deep understanding of the key patterns of movement, the art of sequencing, the art of adjustments, Body Temple therapeutics, Tantric integration of mantra, mudra and meditation, stepping into the power of authentic voice, creating meaningful class themes and effective teaching for different levels of students. The Durga module consists of 90 hours intensive study and requires endurance, commitment and true desire for transformation.


The Krishna module opens the spirit of play and creativity for teaching once the fundamental skills are stabilized and anchored. Creativity is the juice of life and yoga frees up the restrictions that block the creative flow. As the teacher gains confidence in their own unique gifts, they learn to give voice to the sacred play of life unfolding within the practices of yoga. This comprehensive module reviews all the fundamental teaching methodology and opens up the creative gateways of teaching through storytelling, sequencing and theming. As Krishna shines like the sun and glows as the moon, there will be an emphasis on the balance of Solar and Lunar teachings, on Fire and Nectar mandala integration in the overall structure of personal practice and teachings. 


The Shiva- Shakti module magnetizes all the practices together to quantum spring the teacher into the teaching of yoga. The intensity of this module requires the teacher to rise to the occasion, meet challenges, face fears, and ultimately learn how to surrender and offer in the heart fire of Love and Service. This module is a powerful catalyst for the alchemy of teaching and the ultimate refinement of the teacher as a clear vessel of embodied transmission. This comprehensive module includes meticulous refinement of all Fearless Heart Teaching methodology, community leadership skills, energetics of teaching yoga, invocation of Spirit, shadow work for yoga teachers, spiritual practices for sustaining the teacher, owning authentic voice, and staying true to the force of creative freedom. Sianna guides each teacher to a profound new edge where leverage is gained and radical transformation occurs. The Shiva-Shakti module consists of 90 hours of intensive study and requires endurance, commitment and the willingness to grow in alignment with Dharma and the highest vibration of Soul Force.