After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease over 30 years ago, John Pepper, now 81 years old, has successfully managed his PD symptoms without medication for over 9 years!

NY Times best selling author, Norman Doidge, MD, of The Brain’s Way of Healing (2015), devoted Chapter 2 of his book to John Pepper’s story: “A Man Walks Off His Parkinsonian Symptoms. How Exercise Helps Fend Off Degenerative Disorders and Can Defer Dementia.”

In this presentation, you will learn how to change your brain through conscious walking. You will understand how and why walking helps the Parkinson's brain to repair itself.

This talk will be of special interest to anyone with Parkinson's, RA, MS or Huntington's, as well as their caregivers, yoga therapists, physical therapists, and others interested in symptom management of degenerative diseases, dementia and neurological disorders.

View a YouTube video of John.

$15 advance ($20 at the door).


This program is being sponsored by the Feldenkrais Center of Portland.

For more information, contact Susan Marshall.