Eyes open meditation is a practice in which we take our attention deeply inside to become aware of the subtle energetic forces at work within us. This change from our usual outward focus has profound and transformative effects.

In our eyes open practice, we sit with a teacher to receive the direct transmission of the experience of love that is at our core. Eyes-open meditation is an opportunity for us to awaken our own creative energy (also called kundalini) through contact with this love. Our connection with the teacher is the bridge from our ordinary existence to the amazing possibility that exists for us.

This program will be held at at the home of Daniel and Terri Spencer in Medford. For more information and directions, contact Daniel Spencer at (781) 316-7473.  

SADHVI PARANANDA has been a disciple of Swami Chetanananda for 40 years. She is a senior teacher at The Movement Center and was The Movement Center's first certified yoga teacher.  She has taught hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, spiritual leadership and many other courses that support students in their pursuit of discovering their highest and best selves.