Hatha Teacher Training Faculty


Swami Chetanananda

Swami Chetanananda ("Swamiji") is the founder and abbot of the Movement Center. He
has a profound grasp of the philosophical tradition of Kashmir Shaivism and conveys its essence in direct and accessible terms that are relevant to our everyday circumstances. He will be teaching a 4-part series on the Pratyabhijnahrdyam – a 9th century Kashmir Shaivism text. Swamiji leads Retreats, and also teaches Eyes-Open meditation, a profound practice that encourages us to feel into our heart, connect to the love which resides there, and grow the flow of that love within us so that we may experience the fullness of our spirit and share it with others.


jesse sweeney RYT200, CPT

Jesse offers up joy and strength to each student. His knowledge of the human body comes from decades of a passionate exploration of traditional Chinese martial arts, Chi Gong, Hatha Yoga, meditation, and dance. His background as a personal trainer, and his expertise in Shaolin Kung Fu adds precision, balance, and grace to his teaching. He’ll be sharing the art and science of sequencing yoga classes, and teaming up with Natacha to teach you effective cueing methods for the asanas.


natasha sagalovsky, eryt500

Natasha’s background includes studies in the systems of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, and extensive training in Anusara Yoga. She’s known for her warm and uplifting teaching style, and her ability to share asana and alignment in a way that is caring, precise, thorough, relevant and enjoyable. She currently manages The Movement Center’s yoga studio. She’ll be leading you in discussions on selections from the Yoga Sutras, teaching you to create themes for yoga classes, and team up with Jesse to assist you in learning to cue asanas.


Ruth Knight, ERYT-500

As director of yoga teacher training for The Movement Center, Ruth oversees the training curriculum and interviews prospective training students. A long-time yoga teacher and student of meditation, she has a passion for sharing the power of the breath to transform and integrate body and mind. In the training, Ruth teaches a methodology for freeing up the breath, and will assist you in developing your pranayama and meditation practices.


Sadhvi Parananda, ERYT500

Sadhvi Parananda founded the hatha yoga program at The Movement Center in the 1970’s. She is a senior meditation teacher, and popular speaker who leads many of TMC’s meditation programs. Sadhvi teaches the Conscious Leadership workshops in the yoga teacher training. Known for her strength, leadership, and great sense of humor, she will help you sort out your personal teaching style, and find an authentic and confident speaking voice.


Zeyah Rogé, LMT, ERYT500

Zeyah is immersed in the healing arts field as a teacher, practitioner, and student of movement, bodywork, and anatomy. She received her master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and currently works as a Somatic Psychotherapist, massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She’ll be teaching you applied anatomy, kinesiology, and observation and adaptation skill-building.