The Concept of Seva

The Concept of Seva

“Service is the attitude we take toward every activity and field of interaction within our life. This attitude of service will support the extension of our creative energy in the process of refinement that is the essence of our spiritual work.”

—Swami Chetanananda

With PadmasambhavaSeva integrates the essence of meditation practice with the activities of our daily life. Seva, which means service, is any action in which we selflessly give of ourselves to promote the highest best interest of everyone involved. It is achieved by cultivating discrimination and learning to act in ways that support our spiritual growth. Seva, in other words, is the natural extension of our energy once we’ve released our own tensions. The act of extending ourselves facilitates the release of tensions in whatever situation we serve.

Living a life of service guides and directs our interactions. We can serve by bringing the principles of genuine love and respect to all our encounters with friends, family, neighbors and those with whom we spend a good deal of our day. Acts of seva arise through our efforts to promote a flow in our interactions with others. While the results of our efforts may appear to be an act of kindness towards another, our intention is to act with an open heart, without desire for reward or recognition.