By Swami Chetanananda

Most of our attitudes and opinions become formed in a family system, which for, many of us, was dysfunctional. We can also say our attitudes and our opinions have been formed in the past, as they are part of the disappointments of our ancestors from long ago. That deep past goes back long before this body even existed. Our attitudes and opinions were formed ages ago, and they were just sitting there waiting for a body to emerge around them so that they could fully flower. If we are living in our attitudes and opinions, where are we constantly going to go with them? That’s easy -- around and around and around again in our past.

So it becomes important for us to understand that nothing that we see today and will see tomorrow is anything at all like yesterday. While we understand the concept that every day is a new day, most people every new day bring the same attitudes and opinions they had yesterday. You know what that’s called, don’t you? I call it Ground Hog Day. To make the effort to reach inside ourselves, beneath those tensions, and find some fundamental goodness that is ever present in ourselves that we so strangely, rarely access, and begin to engage that part of ourselves and bring it to the forefront and open ourselves and allow ourselves to be open and reeducated every day, is to begin to completely transform ourselves.

The one ingredient in our chemistry that allows for all the lessons that we experience to be absorbed into the deepest place inside us, instead of endlessly reinforcing our attitudes and our opinions, is gratitude. When you find that fundamental goodness in yourself and you start to be able to access it in your daily life, instead of being totally controlled by your past, you will find many reasons to be grateful. Feeling that gratitude, absorbing it into yourself, and becoming that gratitude does not take a lot of effort.

Having desires is almost always a problem. That’s because desires take us out of ourselves. We start reaching for things that we think we need instead of reaching inside to connect to that fundamental goodness inside us to grow the love and the joy and the gratitude in us to the degree that that love and joy and gratitude attracts into our life everything that we need.

The only desire we should cultivate is the desire to grow. In desiring to grow, all of our desires will be transformed into the experience of an abundance that is already inside us just waiting for the chance to spring out and show itself. We get so caught up in our opinions and attitudes and our habitual ways of doing things that we’re constantly allowing our creative energy to be consumed by an inner struggle that gives no benefit whatsoever. The struggle just eats you alive, and it does nothing.

The yogis, saints, the accomplished masters of all spiritual traditions, came to a place within themselves where they were able to enjoy every moment and every breath, fully. Pain or sorrow or struggle or whatever, these are the moments of our life. What other moments have you got? You’ve got a different moment? These are the moments of our life, and instead of getting all tangled up in what we want and we don’t want, and where we’re going or we’re not going, or whatever, the great spiritual people understood, these are the moments of our life. We don’t have different moments. Be ambivalent about pain or joy. Be above it all. Don’t be attached to what comes and what goes, because there‘s always coming and going.

The ascended masters understood whatever it is that presents itself is presented by the goddess, the breath of life itself. The way we see what is presented is due to our own karma. Karma is the accumulated tensions of our family system, our attitudes, our opinions, everything. If we stay connected to our body, aware of our breath, quietly enjoying the moments of our life, pretty soon we will start to feel our breath dissolve our body and dissolve this worldly experiential context, and we’ll be some place completely different. That place is completely quiet, completely peaceful, completely beautiful.

My advice is: rather than wasting your time on desires, enjoy each and every moment of your life. Don’t waste your time fighting with your friends. Don’t waste your time wanting something different from your kids. Don’t waste your time with any of that struggle. The more you cultivate the experience of enjoyment in these moments the more healthy and fit you will be physically, the happier you will be, the more love you will experience in your life, and the more all the things you think you want will naturally appear in your life as an effect of the abundance which is overflowing in you. Don’t struggle with desire. Let it go; let it all go.

The only thing that endures is the breath of life. That breath of life, of which you are an expression, of which you are an effect of, that breath of life endures. Enjoying the moments of your life, all of your struggles are dissolved into the breath of life. In that process of dissolution, we come to understand that we’re nothing but the breath of God. The beauty of that experience is absolutely intense and indescribable. It shatters every tiny small attitude and opinion and desire that we could possibly have.


STEP OUT OF THE WORLD into your own sweetness

By Swami Chetanananda

If you ask me what the fundamental problem with humanity is, I would say it is the disease of the ego. The disease of the ego is that sense of separateness that also implies a competition for resources and a struggle for acceptance and then dominance and so forth. Another way of putting it is that it leads to a struggle for control.

If that’s the fundamental problem, then the solution is very unbelievably simple. It’s unbelievably simple. Opening your heart is the solution. In opening our hearts, first of all we’re releasing tensions and allowing our creative energy to flow, which makes us healthier physically and mentally and emotionally and intellectually. Secondly, we’re discovering a place within ourselves that is pure sweetness and beauty and love. In that place we also discover that we are completely interconnected with every other human being on the planet and the total environment. We discover that we have emerged from the biosphere, that we will dissolve into the biosphere, and that any and all of it is within us and we are within it. There is nothing else.

We’re completely connected. Discovering that connection creates an ever-increasing flow. This discovery generates health on a physical level; on a mental and emotional level, it produces clarity, generosity, gratitude. On a spiritual level it is total well-being, abundance (not of a material kind), and unconditional love.

So, the essence of the practice is opening your heart every day. Why waste your energy on the struggle? It is absolutely something you cannot win. There is one rule to the game of life, and only one rule to the game of life. That rule is: you play, you lose. That’s the rule. That’s why there are such things as hermits and monks and wandering ascetics—people who forget about the world. Instead, they go about every day exploring the inner world that begins with opening their hearts. Exploring what it is to lose the world and be found in unconditional love. Think of it.

As we see in the Sufi tradition, the dervishes left the world behind. The same with the yogis, the sadhus, and the chöd practitioners. When you step out of the world completely, you’ve just moved outside of time. The uprising, upwelling, of love and joy and beauty dissolves the ego, dissolves every sense of separateness, pacifies every dimension of our body, mind and emotions, satisfies us and allows us to leave the world.

This is amazing, dazzling, wondrous work that just keeps on blessing us. The first moment you can each day, open your heart, feel that movement within you, breathe into that sweetness, merge your breath in that sweetness, and get up and get about your day. At the point that your breath and that sweetness have merged, you have completely left the world, because there is nothing at all the world is going to give you that you don’t already have in yourself. The truth is there is nothing in the world that is going to give anybody, ever, anything close to what we already have in ourselves. I just have endless compassion for anybody  who thinks they’re going to find something out there that is going to make them happy because well, good luck, sailor. Whatever comes up between you and that sweetness, just let it go. Let it go.

While we all still deal with the world every day, we can leave every worldly aspiration, every need for worldly approval on any level that we might have, and every expectation of the world. We can instead live in the incredibly rich and beautiful experience of the presence of our own sweetness.

Practicing with Heart

By Swami Chetanananda

There is one simple thing we need to understand, and it’s this: we’re in this world to grow. Every living thing in this world is here for that one reason. We’re here to grow.

Growing, however, has nothing at all to do with getting what we think we want. Growing has to do with taking in energy from every circumstance and circulating it to release our boundaries. This allows for the expansion of the respiratory process that is the essence of what we are. Take away this respiratory process and you are…dust.

All the desires, fears and worries that we have are only expressions of our limitations, our limited ability to see and do. It’s when we begin to make contact with that respiratory process that is the essence of what we are, which is most simply experienced as our breath, that we can experience a new alignment take place from within.

This alignment connects us ever more completely to The Earth, as well as to Heaven. We can discover that realignment just by tuning into ourself and feeling, not thinking. Thinking is useless. Instead we have to feel our breath, deeply. A new alignment will automatically emerge from within us if we just hold that contact.  As this alignment emerges, it will express itself in a reorganization of the flow pattern in our energy and all the patterns of our energy. Our mind, our emotions, our desires, our tensions will all be changed, released and refined.

This isn’t rocket science; it’s not complicated.  But here’s the trick: we have to want it, because inside us there are millennia of strain and trauma that we are packaged in, that we inherit from our ancestors. It has nothing to do with us at all. It’s only the wrapping that we come in. If we don’t want it, if we can’t stay focused on the feeling and hold that feeling through the unwrapping of all of those layers of trauma that we have inherited from our ancestors, then we end up stuck.

Wanting to grow, generating a feeling in ourself of longing to connect to the deepest and finest place within ourselves, is not unique to my teaching. This is the methodology of the Sufis, this is the methodology of all of the Bhakta tradition, this is the methodology of the Christian mystics. We generate a feeling within ourselves and hold and deepen that feeling, sustaining us as we are taking in energy and expanding its circulation in the form of respiratory process. The ultimate result of that is to discover a quiet and a sweetness and a joy inside ourself that is packed with a million miracles.

There is beauty in every human heart. There is beauty in each of our hearts that has the potential to change our world and the world we connect to profoundly. That process begins with understanding we are in this world to grow and making the commitment that is appropriate to accomplishing our purpose here.

Understanding that we’re in this world to grow puts an end to being lost and wandering. Understanding that we’re in this world to grow puts an end to every kind of negativity, because we can at that point begin to understand that every experience - positive, negative, pleasant, unpleasant, painful, whatever – is energy to grow from. Instead of spinning in our patterns of tension, we can breathe and open and circulate every experience inside us and become profoundly strong and profoundly clear. In that clarity, we experience the emergence of a beauty and the power that we call love. This transforms us and everything the breath of our life touches.

Put your heart into your practice and you will discover a treasure in your chest that is richer than all the bankers in New York. But you have to put your heart into it. For the most part what we do, especially here in America where we live in constant fear, is go through our life building walls around our heart thinking we’re protecting ourselves from pain and thinking that’s a good thing. In fact, there’s no protecting ourselves from pain. It’s only when we understand to take everything in as energy and digest it that we become strong enough to hold a space of true love. To discover that space and live in it is the purpose of our life. 

Commitment is Crucial

By Swami Chetanananda

I talk a lot about unimaginable possibility, but I don't talk enough about the fact that realizing  an unimaginable possibility within our own individual lives is work and that it requires commitment.

Commitment is the center of gravity around which your own energy field can begin to reorganize itself as it sheds pathology and builds or takes on new structure.  Without that center of gravity, we are constantly shedding old pathology and taking on new pathology, and basically swirling around in the same intellectual, psychological, and emotional toilet bowl that we’ve been swimming in since we were kids. That’s a long-winded explanation of my term, disappointments of our ancestors.

Commitment is really, really powerful. And if you have any value for the quality of your own life, there has to be commitment. When I started out in practice, I could  look around both in myself and around me and understand what the quality of my own life wasn’t.  Understanding what your life is not is a really good place to start. Beginning to reach inside yourself beyond your tensions and your pain to a deeper place inside you that you can experience as beautiful, and developing and cultivating within yourself the capacity to hold that space, is a beginning of a transformation of your whole mind and your whole experience of your life.

The work itself is actually not that complicated. The way I would describe it is: every day we have to become present with our own pain and our own disappointment. We have to separate that sensation from the story, because the story is always bullshit; not just sometimes, but all the time. The story is bullshit. 

The work is coming into the present with your pain and your disappointments and confusion, and simply holding that sensation until it dissolves. Using the simple tidal motion of your breath to dissolve it brings about a release of all of that accumulated and suppressed pathology and transforms it and releases it into what it essentially is anyway, which is creative energy—which then becomes available for you, for your system, to create new structure from.

Holding that space over and over and over again makes us very much more capable of holding the experience of the sensation and releasing the trauma, and in developing that capacity, slowly we shift into the experience of the movement of the breath inside of us. That sensation—how good it feels to actually breathe—becomes available to us, and from that experience of the breath within us, the awakening of our creative energy begins to be expressed in a whole different dimension, and it goes on from there.

Fundamentally, all growth requires commitment. When I lived in New York with Rudi, I used to sleep by the door of the meditation room on an air mattress. I used the only pair of pants I owned as a pillow, so that when Rudi peeked his head in the door early in the morning, I just whipped my pants on and got dressed, and we’d go for a walk.  We used to walk down in the West Village.  This was at a time when SoHo had potholes in it that were 8 feet across and 4 feet deep and bricks were falling off the sides of buildings as you walked by.  It really looked like Berlin in 1945.  We’re walking along one day, and I wasn’t long out of Indiana, so this was my first urban experience.  We used to walk, and Rudi wouldn’t say much during these walks, we just walked.  One day we’re walking along and Rudi looks over and says to me, “You can’t want it one day and not want it the next and ever get anywhere.”  That’s all he said to me the whole walk. Maybe that’s all he said to me the whole week.  But I understood very well what he meant.

There is an unimaginable possibility available within every single living person. No matter what your disagreements or differences with anybody, that’s a very good reason to respect them. The realization of that unimaginable possibility that it’s available to you—it’s available, it’s not free.  It doesn’t cost you anything; it requires a commitment and a consistent, simple effort. That commitment and consistent simple effort will awaken and release in you a creative energy that is more powerful than 100 atom bombs. It has the capacity to completely transform you and in the process, not kill you but make you even more alive. And reveal to you the simple and profound intelligence that underlies all of creation.

Forty-five years ago I committed myself to the realization of an unimaginable possibility. I’m still totally, totally committed. Whatever else I’ve done, popular or not, for the last 45 years, every single day I have made contact, aligned myself in and generated a flow from that unimaginable possibility, which has transformed not only my life, but a lot of other lives as well. So it’s good to think about the finest thing you could possibly hope for from your life and commit yourself to its realization in some way.