Directions & Parking

Our official street address is 1021 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97232, which looks like this:

The Movement Center entrance on 33rd


Our program entrance is actually on NE Hassalo Street, just one block off 31st Avenue:

The Movement Center entrance from NE Hassalo


Our parking is located at the corner of NE 31st Ave and NE Holladay Street. Holladay Street is two blocks south of Sandy Blvd. and four blocks north of Glisan Street when you approach it on NE 31st Avenue. Please park in this parking lot and help keep our streets clear in deference to our neighbors.

Movement Center parking


After parking your car, walk to the wrought iron gate at the end of Holladay Street. Enter through the pedestrian gate to the left of the driveway. Walk through the parking lot up to the sidewalk.

The Movement Center entrance from Holladay

Follow the signs around the left side of the building to the “Program Entrance” at the top of the stairs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Google Maps, Mapquest or another navigation service, use the intersection of NE 31st Avenue & NE Holladay Street for your destination.